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Purchase Texas area code phone numbers for your business

Texas spans an area of 219,326.69 square miles and holds a total population of 26,448,193 as the second-largest and second-most populated state in the U.S. Texas is located in South Central region of the country and shares a border with Mexico. Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas are the most populated cities, exceeding one million residents. There are 9,724,220 housing units in Texas. Of the population, 7.7% is under the age of 5, 27.3% is under 18, and 10.3% is age 65 and older. The population is 50.4% female and 49.6% male. Major industries in Texas include manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail trade, and natural resources and mining. Texas leads the U.S. in farming and livestock production, as well as cotton and mineral products. Texas includes a total of 2,164,852 companies. Houston thrives in the energy industry, especially oil and natural gas as well as renewable energy, and it is the U.S.'s top market for exports. San Antonio is home to six Fortune 500 companies, while Dallas is home to 12 Fortune 500 companies. Site Selection Magazine ranked Texas as the most business-friendly state in the nation in 2010, partially because of the state's $3 billion Texas Enterprise Fund.

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