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Purchase Massachusetts 978 area code phone numbers for your business

Encompassing much of central and eastern Massachusetts, the 978 area code supports various industries in both rural and urban areas. Major cities near or within the 978 area code include Boston, Lowell, Worcester, Framingham, and Salem. Spanning 1,782.51 square miles and home to 1,405,321 citizens, the 978 area code incorporates much of the overall industry in Massachusetts. Natural resources, construction, manufacturing, and wholesale and retail trade are prominent in the 978 area code. In addition to these industries, the transportation sector plays a vital role in the region. Public bus lines and commuter rails connect Worcester and Boston, while many divergent train lines serve the cities on the outskirts. With two international airports and a plethora of seaports within or near the area, the 978 area code is an important hub for businesses, investment and tourism.


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Other cities with the 978 area code are Concord, Billerica, Lowell, Petersham, Lawrence, Maynard, and Peabody.