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Purchase 952 area code phone numbers for your business

Area Code 952 services the southwestern suburbs of Minneapolis. Its coverage area spans 1,309.24 square miles and encompasses a population of 1,071,082. The region is comprised mostly of the Twin Cities' southwestern suburbs, as well as cities such as Eden Prairie, Minnetonka and Bloomington. As part of the second largest economic center in the Midwest, the region supports a dense mix of industries including waste management, education, health, and social services, along with finance, insurance, and real estate. Manufacturing in the area is tied to the production of metal, chemical, automotive, and agricultural products, along with machinery, computers, and electronics. Due to the high concentration of research centers and advanced degrees in the workforce, as well as the widespread availability of transportation and Wi-Fi, Popular Science named Minneapolis the Top Tech City in the United States.


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Cities in the 952 area code include Hopkins and Apple Valley.