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Purchase 702 area code phone numbers for your business

The 702 area code serves Clark County and covers the southern tip of Nevada, which includes cities such as Las Vegas, Henderson, and Laughlin. Spanning 69,242.91 square miles and encompassing a population of 1,994,505, the 702 area code has a concentration in industries such as natural resources, construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, and retail trade. In addition to these industries, the presence of Las Vegas in the 702 area code gives this region a focus on entertainment and hospitality, as well as tourism. The population within the 702 area code consists of 50.76 males and 49.24% females, and in terms of education, 79.46% of the residents have a high school degree or higher, and 17.36% have a bachelor's degree or higher.


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Cities in the 702 area code are Las VegasHenderson, and Laughlin.