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Purchase New Jersey 609 area code phone numbers for your business


Spanning 2,453.95 square miles, area code 609 serves central and southeastern New Jersey. Its coverage zone hosts an estimated population of 1,251,670 and encompasses 13 counties, including cities such as Trenton, Vineland, Pleasantville, Atlantic City, and Ocean City. Approximately 13.5% of the region's population is age 65 or older. Major industries within this area include natural resources and mining, construction, and manufacturing. Wholesale trade also contributes to the local economy. The region has a median household income of $56,177—higher than the national average—and an average household of size of 2.62 persons. Geographically, area code 609 has the largest coverage in the state.

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Cities in the 609 area code are TrentonAtlantic City,  Pleasantville, and Ocean City.