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Purchase Pompano Beach, FL 954 area code phone numbers for your business


Pompano Beach, Florida, spans an area of 24.0 square miles on the East Coast, just 35 miles north of Miami. The Wall Street Journal and other major publications listed Pompano Beach as a top real estate market. The city contains a population of 99,845 residents and 41,211 households, and there is a population density of 4160.2 people per square mile. Out of all households, 34.6% feature married couples, 23.7% feature children 18 years old or younger, 33.9% of households feature a senior citizen age 65 or older living with them, and 15.9% feature an individual 65 years old or older who live alone. The median age in Pompano Beach is 42.7 years old, and 26.6% of the population is under 25 years old. Fifty-one percent of the population is males and 49% are females. The median income in the city is $39,656. Out of all the residents who are at least 25 years old, 15.8% have attained a bachelor's degree. There are 14,467 established businesses in the city, specializing in major industries such as professional and business services, construction, accommodation and food services, insurance, and real estate.


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Cities which share the same area code include Deerfield BeachFort Lauderdale, and Hollywood.


Nearby area codes include 772239305, and 863.