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What is RingCentral Office ?

RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business phone and fax system. It combines a hosted phone system with advanced call and fax management, reliable phone and fax service, and full-featured IP phones that arrive pre-configured and ready for use.

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“RingCentral allows me to be more prepared, to provide better customer service, and I am saving $50/mo over the last company I used.”

- Lily Gao, eBay PowerSellerHandsUp Marketing

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Customer Success - TRUSTe

“Between increased functionality, user-level access, and the ability to manage the system from anywhere, we’re experiencing a 50% time savings.”

- Matt Benoit, IT Manager, TRUSTe

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  • All-you-need Business VoIP PBX
  • The Complete Business VoIP PBX

All-you-need Business VoIP PBX

Business VoIP PBX is an emerging trend in business communications, gaining ground because of its affordability and reliability. It is the perfect fit for small businesses with unlimited potential, but with limited budgets. A communication system anchored on VoIP PBX offers similar benefits to old-fashioned private branch exchange systems but at a significantly lower price. As a result, smaller companies are able to compete with the big names on a levelled playing field. Through it, you get to keep your lines open not only for your employees but also for your clients without going over budget.

One can even argue that a VoIP-facilitated private branch exchange is a lot better than traditional PBX because it is more mobile. This system is not chained to particular devices, and allows users to choose non-traditional telephones. With it, users are able make and receive office phone calls through any PC via softphone software, or through their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets through apps. Calls can also be routed to several phones simultaneously or chronologically so that you wouldn’t miss a call again.

The key to getting everything you need out of your business VoIP PBX, however, is finding the right business VoIP provider. Many providers are hawking their services and products today, but not all of them are dependable. What you should look for is an affordable, hassle-free phone solution that can stay with you for a long time.

Enter RingCentral. Known for having the most extensive business VoIP solutions in the market, RingCentral Office ensures that users enjoy as many professional telephony benefits as possible. These benefits include slashed long distance call prices, auto attendant services, caller ID, unlimited calling throughout US and Canada, and many more. Simply put, RingCentral gives you everything you need in a business VoIP PBX.         

The Complete Business VoIP PBX

Many companies have discovered that business VoIP PBX is the solution to their telecommunication problems. First and foremost, its number one selling point is the price. This technology is made affordable because it works via the Internet, reducing the cost of equipment, maintenance, and repairs.

But a complete VoIP PBX service should do more than just solve your office phone issues; it should also offer more benefits that can truly contribute to the success of your business. Business VoIP solutions offer advanced features like auto-attendant, customized greetings, call waiting and music on hold, call forwarding, conference calling, and the like. And since the service is hosted over the Internet, professionals can stay connected to their organization all the time, regardless of their location.

But not all business VoIP providers are created equal. They may all be affordable and can provide you with office mobility, but not all can give you the quality of service you deserve. Some cannot handle large numbers of incoming calls at a certain point while others do not offer advanced phone features without charging you extra. They may be the answer to your phone requirements in the short term, but can cause more problems in the future.

RingCentral offer a business VoIP PBX that provide all the phone features your company needs from the beginning. Regardless of which RingCentral Office plan you choose, you get all the features you need with unlimited calling throughout US and Canada; giving you a holistic answer to your telecommunication needs.

As a provider, RingCentral goes above and beyond your expectations by offering you the best and most comprehensive phone features at an affordable price. Get the best business VoIP PBX; subscribe to RingCentral now!